Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Check out these PINK SHOES!!!

Pink, once a taboo color for men secure of their sexuality, has slowly crept into mainstream menswear and footwear. But the color has also become a symbol for a struggle against breast cancer. We have already seen that Nike has teamed up with the NFL to produce ‘Think Pink” gear sporting the feminine color to promote National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Shortly after you saw the trend cross over to the b-ball courts when King James was driving down the lane with a pair of pink Nike Zoom Soldier III’s. And now we have another basketball sneaker, the Nike Hyperize, also colored in the same fashion. With this aforementioned footwear containing and equal amount of white and pink, these Hyperizes sport much more pink, with white only as accents. With the shoe having such an innovative look, the exuberant color only shouts out for more attention. Which in this case is the exact purpose, hopefully bringing more spotlight for a just cause.

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