Monday, August 31, 2009

I Found A Child Wandering the Street Today

On my way to PJC today I cut through an apartment complex which makes the walk much easier for me. Unfortunately it's right through the ghetto. As I was walking through the middle of the complex I saw a 2 year old child wandering around by herself. So I asked her, "Where's your mommy?"

The little girl said that her mommy was inside. She was knocking on a door so I assumed it was her house. But no one answered. I thought, Great, now I'm going to have to call the police.

Then, I said, "How did you get out of your house?"

The little girl told me that she went out of her mommy's door. And so I asked her to point to her mommy's door. She pointed across the sidewalk. Well, that explains a lot, I murmured to myself.

So I knocked on the other door and when the woman answered I asked, "Did you lose a child?"

The woman yelled at her daughter to get back in the house like it was normal for her two year old to be wandering around outside.

This really pissed me off because I had Children and Family services called on me for being a drug addict yet I never let my child wander around outside alone. I would NEVER let my child go outside alone even at the age of five. Or six. They are two small to defend themselves agains child predators. I don't have to put a leash on my child but for God's sake, I hope I never find that child wandering around again or I WILL call the police.

Situations like this make me very unhappy.

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